Are you out there?

22 July, 2010

Or are you stuck inside updating your profile on Facebook? As half the population of the UK are signed up users, according to statistics out today, there must be many people doing just that.

Worldwide there are 500 million users, with the average user on the site for over half an hour per day.

So, are you with the half that is in or the half against?  Maybe that could be the new ‘half full / half empty’ glass personality decider?  Interesting, because I am a ‘half full’ person but definitely not a Facebook person. What does that make me? An extrovert loner or just someone who prefers to speak to friends or send them personal emails than sharing my life with the world.

(By the way I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes today and wandered around for three hours with blurred vision.  I am sharing this with you as I don’t have a Facebook site to put it on.)


Why blog?

5 July, 2010

I was talking to a client recently who asked if I had seen the company’s blog, which I had, and we got into a discussion on the topic of blogging.

I remember when blogs first appeared on the scene and a director saying I should pen one as my family seemed to lead such a disasterous life! (I didn’t as discretion is definitely the better part of valour.) And that was what blogging was all about then – commenting on what was happening around you and how you viewed life.

Now everyone is doing it and the blogsphere is awash with corporate comment.  The trouble is, the spontaneity has gone as these have to be check, checked and checked again before being passed to ‘legal’ for the final approval.  This means that the life is sucked out of the site and the blogs remain commentless because there is no content left to comment on.

If a company wants to be seen as a ‘thought leader’ it has to allow its bloggers some leeway.

(Hope this gets past the EML team!)

World Cup – do I care?

10 June, 2010

Well, not much really.  Having watched the 1966 one in a hotel bar in Ireland nothing that 2010 can do will match that.

However, what we do have now which was not evident in 1966 is an abundance of technology surrounding the event.  You have the infamous new ‘perfect’ football developed by the sports science boffins at Loughborough University which, alas, the players do not seem to have a good word to say about it.

There is the research that has come out of Exeter University to say that the way to succeed at penalty shoot-outs is to totally ignore the goalie – easier said than done I would think.  (Did you know that the England success rate at penalties is 17% whereas the Germans’ is 83%?)

For me though, forget the football.  What has really taken my fancy is the nifty 2010 wheel of information on the site – I could play with it for hours.

Let’s just hope that, whoever wins the tournament, South Africa comes out the winner overall.

iPad – I want one of those

12 May, 2010

But only if it comes with a David Hockney.

My style!

Saw a piece in the Evening Standard yesterday of ‘paintings’ that Hockney had created using a £2.99 app on his new iPad.  He then emails them on.  Finger painting at its best.

He used to use the app on his iPhone but the size of the iPad makes it more like a sketch book.

Seriously, it made me think maybe I do want one after all.

To flop or not to flop

28 April, 2010

That was the question, but not anymore as apparently you will no longer be able to buy floppy disks.
‘Scuse me, I didn’t even realise that you could still buy one let alone that people still use them.  When were you last offered a computer with a floppy disk drive?  I know I bought an external one about six years ago with a new laptop, so that I could transfer information from a very old one, but they were removed from ‘normal’ spec before that.

In fact, there is probably a whole generation of PC users out there who don’t even know what a floppy is.

Microsoft ditches Vista

14 April, 2010

What? The operating system that was going to change the world?  The one that would compete with Apple? The one that everyone would want to use?

Its passing is such sweet sorrow. (Sorry I’m getting mixed up with Twitter Romeo & Juliet here.) I remember when it came in and one of our clients was having to pre-install Windows XP over the top of Vista to make any sales.  Then it all settled down and millions around the world had to buy Vista operated PCs as that was all on offer. So what happens just over three years down the line? Microsoft dumps them in it with no support or security updates.

Nice one Bill – the hackers’ friend

Someone’s taken my toys away!

18 March, 2010

I know communication technology is a wonderful thing, and I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t around,  BUT … a rehab clinic for children over 12 addicted to the internet and computer games.

Don’t get me wrong, I have sympathy with both parents and children in this.  I would throw my toys out of the pram if my iMac and iPhone were taken away but addicted to them, I don’t think so. How have relationships within families got so bad that the police have to be called to settle a dispute when a teenager will not get off Facebook or Bebo?

The internet is a wonderful tool for information and amusement but it should never better person to person interaction.