Just browsing?

Have you had your message from Microsoft yet directing you to use a browser other than Internet Explorer? Did it make you think, “yes, I am going to change to Maxthon now“?

Made me wonder just how many people do actually notice what browser they are using?  I have both Safari and Firefox set up on my computer and use Firefox out of choice. However, as I work on a Apple, when I click open a link it invariably opens it in Safari.  Do I notice?  Only if I then decide to go to my favourites and wonder where they have gone.

Is the ‘man in the street’ actually going to care what browser he is using or will he just be happy to have one that works and takes him straight to Google?  Oh well, if it makes the bureaucrats in the EU happy so be it but I doubt it will do anything to dent Microsoft’s market share and may well confuse the consumer.


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