Yes kids, that time of year has rolled around again. Once again several brave souls, Alex, Darren, and WAG Roger, have opted to push hair out of their faces for prostate cancer charity.

You can quickly and easily donate online to their cause by clicking their names, above, or you can donate to the entire team by clicking here.

Don’t worry; it’s a thoroughly reputable site that’s been doing this for years. And we promise not to sell your details to Russian fraudsters.

Well, maybe a few.

The theme for this year’s Movember Gala party will be…. well… actually never mind. All you need to know is that we’ll be going in drag.


Darren's got started on his outfit early

In the meantime, I have to immediately work out a half-baked excuse as to why we’re allowed to blog about Movember, when this blog is officially about Technology PR.

Without further delay, I therefore present to you, a picture of a robot with a moustache….

mr… or some such jazz. Meh.

The point is, EML is a thoroughly charitable company that gets behind several worthwhile causes every year. Alex, Darren and Roger would be delighted if you’d take the time to donate as much as you can spare to the cause.

Mo photos soon, you lucky people.


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