Flu moonshine

I was taken by a trilogy of stories packaged up by the lazy-man’s window on the world, Google News this lunchtime.

I’d seen on the bus this morning that our old friend swine flu is on the rise again with 66 schools hit and Kleenex consumption is on the increase. Predictable I suppose now the schools are back, and everybody is getting on with business after a summer of credit crunching.

Add the fact that, as of today, the first swine flu vaccine has actually been approved for use in the UK, good work GSK!

Just to illustrate where all this news takes us, a share price chart!

Just to illustrate where all this news takes us, a really interesting share price chart!

And now the BEST of the three – a Mirror headline

“Convicts get drunk on hand gel designed to combat swine flu”

highlighting an all new phenomena swine flu gel intoxication!

The thing that made me smile is that right now the number of stories accessible on the vaccine being accepted, is very closely matched by the number of publications covering the prison brawls started by convicts over-indulging on hand cleaner!

You have to love the UK press.


One Response to Flu moonshine

  1. Mrs M says:

    I meant, of course: Ooo – are *we* getting some here? My typing would be even worse though.

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