What’s that on TV?

I’m not going to ignore what day it is, 8 years ago about this time we were all upstairs in this office not fully understanding what we were seeing on a borrowed 12″ TV using a coat hanger as an aerial. I had a 3 day old baby daughter at home and remember it as a very confusing day indeed.

I’ve seen the stories about how things are being marked in the US today, it seems really sad that the devastated site in New York remains a scar that won’t heal, for whatever reason.

The world’s achieved a lot in 8 years, technology marches on – we’ve got a proper TV in the office now, there’s Wikipedia (8 this year too), proper wireless internet.

We’ve had significant changes in world leadership and attitudes, a generation of truly connected individuals sharing gigabytes of trivia endlessly – but there’s still a scar in Manhattan.


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