The image is all

One thing we are always telling our clients is that a good and interesting image will always sell a press release. The better the photo the better the coverage.burlesque-artist-with-ostrich-feather-fan-thumb7980246

On Sunday I joined what seemed like a million others to queue up at the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow at Brooklands Museum.  I had a variety of things that I wanted information on including an ostrich feather fan and headdress worn in 1924 by an acquaintance when presented at Court.  I was chatting away to the expert on the Miscellaneous table and when I suddenly became aware of a plethora of photographers descending upon us.

I think I was photographed and interviewed by every local paper and magazine because the fan was different and photogenic, unlike the person holding it!

Value of the fan – nothing.  Photo opportunity – everything.


One Response to The image is all

  1. James says:

    You say the image is all, but shouldn’t you be paying for the images you use?

    Surely this is copyright theft and this isn’t the only picture on the site that breaks it

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