I am in love with my iPhone

V90347I’ve been away for a week and returned to just 23 emails in my inbox, an all time low.  And how did I achieve such an amazing feat?  With my iPhone, of course.

I was in a very low-tech cottage in the middle of nowhere, in fact all the nos.  No television reception, no phone, no mobile reception in the house, no broadband/wireless connection.  Communication with the outside world = nil points.

However, a step or two outside with my ‘trusty’ iPhone in hand and the world of information was my oyster.  Each morning while walking the dog I would turn on and bin or file all emails that I did not need to action (“biscuits on table” etc).  I didn’t get involved in any communication with anyone but knew that I would not be greeted by a full inbox on my return.

I could also check the weather for walkers, read the news headlines and then retreated into a world of wonderful isolation.

It is just a shame that my son did not find the Ordnance Survey application before he left home – might have saved a few wrong turns on the mountains.


2 Responses to I am in love with my iPhone

  1. Alex says:

    Actually, funnily enough, I tried one of the G1 Google phones for the first time this weekend. I was absolutely astonished by how good it was. Nothing like as plasticy as it seems from photos; really responsive and sturdy. I was quite tempted, tbh. Only I think the rest of EML would murder me.

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