Saved by pirates?

The ongoing drama of the Pirate Bay trial continues. Aside from the fact that some of them were just refusing to pay, an appeal is almost certain now that it turns out the Judge was a member of the same copyright protection organisations as several of the main entertainment industry representatives. pirate63

Quite how on earth nobody thought this could present a problem is beyond me, the verdict should be ruled as a mistrial and the whole soap opera can start again. However in the midst of all this news was a very interesting article in The Guardian based on a survey from Norway of all places. The survey found that those who download music are 10 times more likely to pay for music than those who don’t. I’m a big fan of buying an actual CD, I’d much rather spent an extra pound to buy the CD than buy an album from iTunes or similar, but at the same time I quite like downloading a few tracks first to see if I’ll actually like it, and what’s the point paying to download a few songs to then go and spend money on the whole album. The clips offered on some sites are ok, but some songs are fairly average at a first listen but over time grow to be brilliant.

The most interesting point is that, if the findings of this article reflect across the world, the music industry is currently working hard to take to court those people who are in actual fact supporting it the best. Interesting eh.



One Response to Saved by pirates?

  1. Pezmondo says:

    Very dodgy. I see now that the judge is denying that his involvement with the copyright industry in any way influenced his judgement. Riiiight… Didn’t it occur to anyone that this might be perceived as a conflict of interests? Way to undermine your only success guys. Mind you, one of the guys involved in The Pirate Bay is a Nazi sympathiser….

    This is the problem isn’t it… The Music Industry is too busy snorting Bonjella, buying a number of heroines and running up exorbitant expenses on ‘candles’ and ‘flowers’ to organise its way out of a paper bag. That’s why a) It took them too long to wake up to the problem of pirated music, b) Took them even longer to form a conglomeration to react to it, and c) will take even longer than this to construct an alternate business model.

    It’s the internets. You can’t shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, I’m afraid.

    Not sure I agree with the finding that pirates will be ten times more likely to buy music. Than whom? People who aren’t interested in music? Duh.

    My personal preference is for downloaded music, but this is only because I have a bottomless hard disk and hate clutter, because I’m a bit OCD ‘innit.

    Anyway, at this point I feel obliged to point towards a very virtuous site, part-run by a young lady I met at a PR event the other day called MusicTank spends a lot of time discussing these very issues, and is an excellent resource if you want to read further.

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