Skulduggery afoot

It is not often that I am in the car listening to the radio at 7:30 am, I’m usually just back from dog-walking, but today I was and heard the start of the Wogan show.

He had big problems.  His show is reliant on input from his wide and eclectic audience, mainly politically incorrect, whose emailed comments make up the majority of the show.  Apparently on Sunday afternoon the whole BBC email  server went down and when it was restored … Wogan’s email was the only one left not working.
Sod’s law was my first thought but then I remembered that today is the day when all service providers have to start holding our emails and web searches for a year, in case the ‘authorities’ need to check on what we have been doing. Perhaps the BEEB has cut Wogan’s email address in the short term to allow his listeners to rethink what they say before it is filed for posterity!

Conspiracy theory? Well, maybe, but remember from today Big Brother is watching you and keeping that watch for a year.


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