Berry Store

RIM has officially launched its BlackBerry App World online store. The media describes it as “delivering a broad mix of personal and business applications for users of its BlackBerry handsets.”

Not a Blackberry in sight!

Not a Blackberry in sight!

So what took them so long? I don’t even bother checking the iPhone apps store to see if anyone’s written something to do ‘this’ anymore – the answer is always “yes – how many variants would you like?”

I know Blackberry is a highly trusted brand and all that, but what’s wrong with making hardware that’s idiot proof, intuitive and useful for everything, not just work? There I didn’t mention Obama, G20 protests or April fool jokes once.


One Response to Berry Store

  1. Darren says:

    Well I tried downloading it for my BlackBerry and it told me my data plan didn’t support it as it doesn’t include data downloads, which my operator confirmed it definitely does.

    Can’t see Apple getting too worried about this.

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