Golden Apples – Dramatic Mac price rise

Apple price rise

Wow…. Once again Apple has proven that it’s willing to play by no-one’s rules. How has Apple responded to the weak pound and the worst recession of recent memory? By jacking up the prices of its hardware massively.

…The Mac Mini, which comes without a screen or a keyboard, starts at £499 – as compared to £391 before today. The 20in iMac now costs £949 – the old price was £782. Right at the top of the range, the brand new 8-core Mac Pro costs £2499, but the quad-core costs £1899, up from £1712.

Bad move, bad move. What are they thinking? Nice though they are, I can’t imagine sales of Macs, etc would hold up even as they were, let alone with a hefty price rise. In the last year two or three friends of mine have travelled to either America or Canada to pick up a Mac laptop, simply because they’re about half the price over there, and the price difference more than pays for a flight around the world!

More expensive iPhones, desktops, laptops, and now this. Given the double-whammy of a weak currency and a hefty price rise, I’m not sure this is the right strategy for Apple.


3 Responses to Golden Apples – Dramatic Mac price rise

  1. MrShephard says:

    I know loads of people who claimed they always wanted to buy a lovely Mac for home, but they were too expensive (weren’t they?). Most of them never did when price parity was closer (the power of Seattle is strong with this one) so I don’t think this is such a bad move, the brand is worth it to most customers. The international price variation thing is annoying, but Apple’s certainly not the only brand afflicted by that.

  2. Juliet says:

    I am glad I bought mine before Christmas. However, Apple has such a big following, and its products are still way ahead in the usability stakes, that I am sure it will not dent its sales much

  3. fintan says:

    Apple, faced with sliding desktop sales and soaring portable sales (and I have this on good authority), had three options to, in effect, ‘save the iMac’.

    1. Completely reinvent their desktop line with definite entry, consumer, and pro models. They did this with the G3, G4, G5 and intel revisions.

    2. Slowly wrap-up their consumer line desktops and focus on their pro customers.

    3. kill off the Mac Mini and offer a cheaper iMac to boost sales, offer low-end Mac Pros and stop making the ‘crossover; (top end) iMacs.

    If you look at Apple’s website, I think you’ll agree with me when I say they are entering the first stages of option 2.

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