Nice work if you can get it!

Here at EML we blog, we Twitter and we comment on other blogs and websites – it is part of what we do.

The government has, in its wisdom, decided to jump on the social networking bandwagon and is appointing a Director of Digital Engagement with a salary of up to £160,000 p.a.  This is only just below the earnings of the Prime Minister.

Now, I know the inthemoneypowers that be think that social networking is the new black and want to encourage ministers to use sites such as Facebook and Twitter to be on trend, but in these straightened times does it really require such a high profile appointment to get people blogging?  I was told to do it and do so with relish.

Trouble is, knowing the government’s general need to assure everyone how well it is doing about everything, I suspect that most of the blogging will be done on Diddit rather than MySpace.

Just off to ask for a pay rise for posting this blog.


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