Single charger for mobiles

Good news for the consumer has come from MWC in Barcelona. At last, the mobile phone manufacturers have talked to each other and agreed on a universal phone charger that will be one-size fits all.

Hooray and about time too I say.

I don’t know about you but I have a drawer full of phone chargers that have only ever fitted one phone and my choice of new phone is often driven by the charger that I have for my car. Last year when my daughter and I upgraded our mobiles we chose the same supplier, same basic phone but one a slider and the other flat.  Did they have the same charger? No, of course they didn’t.mobilechargers

Apparently the changeover to a micro-USB based connection has been driven by the lack of environmental awareness by the leading manufacturers and this system will have a 50% reduction in standby energy consumption. The GSMA has promised that by 2012 (is it just me or is everything ‘by 2012’?) the ‘majority’ of phones will have changed over to the system currently used for the new BlackBerry Storm.

Can’t wait.


3 Responses to Single charger for mobiles

  1. Stazza says:

    Exciting times… no more empty batteries and disappointed faces when your friend doesn’t have the same make of phone as you! Bring it on indeed.

  2. Pezmondo says:

    There’s a lot of natter about the new hi-tech components that go into mobile phones, but for my money, this is one of the simplest and most significant advancements to have occurred in the world of mobile phones for years.

    I too, know only too well the pain of having an entire drawer in your house dedicated to redundant cables, chargers, etc. I filled two entire carrier bags full of such chargers and things to be recycled just the other day.

    There are two fundamental questions that interest me here:

    1) Mobile phones companies have been doing this with stereo + handsfree headsets for ages, because it gives them an opportunity to make extra money by selling specific gear.

    The major difference though is that implementing 3.5mm audio jackplugs differentiates the phone, helping OEMs to sell more units. ‘Oooh, I can use my Sennheisers with the N95? Win!’

    If all of the mobile phone manufacturers are implementing the same charging standard, why are they doing it? Who benefits from this?

    The answer, on the face of it, would actually appear to be the consumer. Whaaaaaat?! This doesn’t seem terribly in keeping with handset-manufacturers past habits.

    2) Has this decision perhaps got something to do with the Wireless Power standard? The Wireless Power Consortium is making moves to ensure that you can put pretty-much any sort of phone on the wireless recharging mats, which would make them significantly more useful.
    Have the mobile phone companies therefore seen the writing on the wall, and are attempting to prevent a wholesale changeover to the wireless power standard, or at least, guard what business remains in the plug-in area?

  3. Mrs M says:

    Do you think they’ll all end up like the iPhone one? It seems to be the device to copy at the moment 😉

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