So far so good

It’s now been a week since Barack Obama became President, and so far so good. Well poverty, war and famine still exist, but then again Bono will probably sort out the latter out if he hasn’t already.

One of more interesting angles on this whole story, especially as a PR sort, is what the reaction will be if or when things start to go wrong. The guy isn’t the second coming of Jesus and neither is he perfect despite some of the coverage suggesting otherwise. He is human and there will come a point when he will get something wrong. Also you can’t keep everyone happy, so eventually a large enough group of people are going to speak out against one of his policies.

The calamity that was Terminal 5 is proof that the more you build something up in PR terms, the further it has to fall. Although hopefully President Obama won’t have issues with losing people’s luggage and delaying Chantelle from Stockport’s flight to Ibiza.

bushkittenWith the excitement of the inauguration dying down, it will be interesting to see how the public react when he does eventually make an unpopular decision.


One Response to So far so good

  1. Juliet says:

    I suspect no one is more aware of this than he is but he also knows that he cannot please all the people all the time. Going to be an interesting next 12 months. Be nice to see him do something really radical like stopping the right to own a gun.

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