The Twits

Today I am harping back to an old bandwagon of mine… the use of social networking sites.

I am a big fan of Twitter, love the immediacy of it all, but I was highly amused by a journalist’s request we received today. She is looking for a personal case study of a female who discovered her partner was cheating by reading their Twitter updates.

Now, excuse me if I am being naive here but surely nobody is daft enougprince-harry-and-chelsy-davy1h to put up on Twitter details of an affair, even obliquely?  Surely by now everyone who uses social networking is aware that nothing can remain a secret between the ‘accepted’ to your site.

I am guessing this request was prompted by Chelsy Davey announcing her split with Prince Harry with a ‘single’ status on her Facebook site, which certainly saves lots of tearful phone calls.   However, there is no way that information shared in this way is going to stay private. So anyone who puts their peccadilloes on Twitter has to be the biggest Twit of all.


One Response to The Twits

  1. Stazza says:

    I totally agree Juliet. I leave my ‘relationship status’ off my own personal page because as soon as it changes i.e. you get dumped, people start writing exclamatives like: “Oh dear, what happened?!” In my opinion, break-ups are emotional enough without having to explain your lovelife to everyone and his/her Mother. It’s also an invasion of privacy and besides, the graphic of a broken heart is just that, heart breaking *miserable face.*

    I think it was really dumb of Chelsy to ‘advertise’ her relationship with a Royal – it’s simply asking for Paparazzi to be knocking at her door and it’s bad PR for Prince Harry who has already been painted as a bit of a ‘ladies man.’ What a shame!

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