Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the moon, you’re probably aware by now that altitudinous grubby beanstalk Russell Brand and his adequately-compensated colleague Jonathan Ross have got themselves in a bit of trouble.

Forget the ins and outs. Who cares? The EML blog is not a gossip column. The whole affair is boring me. What I find interesting is the reaction from certain parts of the media.

Are they fed up of reporting on the credit crunch? Or maybe they think this is of genuine public interest?

I certainly don’t accept that ‘sympathy for the elderly and abused’ is the primary cause for the public’s bilious hysteria. Even Sach’s sentiments have been along the lines of ‘Who cares, it’s done with, stupid mistake, let’s move on’. Nor do I think this has much to do with Ross.

I have two simple theories:

1) Maybe, just maybe, a lot of people hate Russell Brand? Maybe. His employers, MPs and, at heart, his viewing public? I’m not saying it’s true. Just that deep down, some people may not like him. Do your own research. Make your own decision.

2) And this is the one I really believe… That this is one of those stories whereby journalists wink from behind-the-scenes at the general public. ‘Look… Look how fickle you are. Look at your poor taste and double standards. You turn on a dime don’t you?’

Sometimes these journalistic winks are a little more obvious, as in this quote from Sach’s Grandaughter in The Metro this morning:

‘ “Me and my grandad are both really happy because it could have ruined our reputation permanently,” said the 23-year-old Satanic Sluts dancer.’

You don’t read that every day.

Go on. Have another picture.


7 Responses to Firebrand

  1. Juliet says:

    I think everyone has just woken up to the fact that it is a bit like The King’s New Clothes. These people are not actually funny but no one has dared to say so because we were ‘told’ that they were. Now the opportunity has come to come out of the closet and say that it really is not humour but childish rubbish everyone is joining in.

  2. Nick says:

    It also shows how little prodding it actually takes to get MP’s to follow the herd…..with 13 MP’s signing a motion criticising the stunt. The scariest thing is how much power the media has in boiling up public opinion and the lengths that the govenment will take to be seen to deal with the day’s ‘pressing’ issues. Kneejerk

  3. Mrs H says:

    I’m also getting really tired of this story, but the worst thing for me is that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are the only radio podcasts I ever listen to! I’m all for playground humour if it means I don;t have to listen to Wogan or Chris Moyles. it’s going to be a dull few months without either of these chaps on the air. Silly boys.

  4. Darren says:

    I cannot stand Russel Brand, but have developed a new level of hatred for the people who have only just been complaining to the BBC. The original show did receive a large number, but nowhere near the 32,000 that have now been received. Did they perhaps read the paper and decide that they probably should have been offended so had best write a letter.

    Also – turns out Sach’s granddaughter is now being represented by Max Clifford, and has been describing her ‘romps’ with Brand in The Sun – no doubt for a large sum of money. She is obviously a lot worse off for this ’embarrassment.’

  5. Stazza says:

    I think both Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross deserved to be taken down a peg or two because they can be too vulgar sometimes. Then again, the broadcast was obviously ‘censored’ beforehand so it should have been up to the producer to stop it airing if it was clearly going to offend the public and Sach himself. The media have blown it out of proportion.

  6. mrs h says:

    did you see the first programme in the new top gear series? Parkinson was the guest and Clarkson was joking about how there were truly no chat shows left on tv, referring to this nonsense. He then managed to attract his own raft of complaints by inferring that all lorry drivers murder prostitues on a regular basis. Oh the irony.

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