It never rains but it pours…

A year equals one complete rotation of the sun. This is equivalent to 12 months / 365 days / 8760 hours / 525600 minutes / 31,536,000 seconds.

Terrifyingly, it’s also now the amount of time I’ve been with EML. Someone pointed this out to me in a meeting the other day. I nearly had kittens. Where does time go when you’re having fun?

Throughout this time I’ve had only one complaint. A complete lack of international travel. Of all the staff at EML, I seem to have the most clients that reside in the good-old UK. Self-pityingly I’ve been watching all of my colleagues jet off to sunny climes for business trips thinking “where’s *my* international, jet-set lifestyle, eh?”

Yes, moaning is something I do well. Well, I have since revised my opinions.

I recently returned from a week off to immediately face a 12-hour press-tour and a trip to Ireland. I can safely say I’ve never had such a tiring week. My colleague Siobhan, who was with me in Dublin, is now jetting-off for a two-day business trip to Amsterdam. Frankly I don’t know where she finds the stamina.

International travel is tiring. By all means get involved in PR for the international glamour. But I’ll be happy not to have to do it again for a while.


One Response to It never rains but it pours…

  1. Mrs nearly M says:

    2008 is a leap year – does that make a difference?

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