Hi-tech Olympics

We are now well into the Olympics of the 21st Century and the technology being used is fantastic. The ability to judge that Phelps had won his 7th medal of the games by that mearest finger-tip could not have happened even 20 years ago. The quality of the TV images being beamed to our screens; the pop-out boxes on many an office computer desktop showing the BBC coverage. All this is fantastic and adds to the viewers’ experience.

However, one thing has been bugging me all through these games…

In this age of such high technology why are the athletes numbers still pinned on with four safety pins? They so often come loose and flap around during the race/match/game it is a distraction for the viewer and must add a minute amount to the all important drag.

So, my challenge to the technology community for London 2012 is – design something to replace the safety pin, please.

(And congratulations to Christine Ohuruogu who had no pin problems today!)


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