A face-off

Those of you who regularly visit this blog will know my continuing fascination with the inappropriateness of information placed on Facebook, Bebo et al.

Well, the gremlins have struck again. I was amused to read over the weekend that Katherine Blair, the only daughter of our previous PM, put full details on Facebook of where the family were taking their holiday this year. She may have thought that the information was only being shared with her nearest and dearest but somehow it got into the national press and the Blair’s security advisers went ballistic.

It just goes to show that before you click that “allow friend onto site button” you really do have to know who your friends are and only put up information that you are happy to share with the world.


One Response to A face-off

  1. Stacey says:

    Katherine obviously hasn’t worked out her privacy settings. I read not long back that a guy got sacked from Argos because his status read something rude about how terrible it was to work there (I refuse to quote him).
    Never fear, all the ‘facebookers’ here love their jobs and ours reads something like… ‘Another sunny day overlooking the Thames, eating homebaked food, talking to journalists and writing press material.’

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