Coming back to haunt you

Returning to a theme of yesteryear, I have been struck over the past few days by the public’s continued inept use of social media.

I always thought that criminals were the ones showing ‘thick’ tendencies and shooting themselves in the foot. (Such as the burglar who returned to the house he had just stolen from, knocked at the door and asked for the mobile phone back that he had dropped.) However, the police are catching up in the ‘Doh’ stakes as reported in the DT – 18 policemen have been disciplined after bragging on a Facebook site about the “Polcols” they have had. (It apparently stands for police collisions.) Did they really think no one would notice?

Also in trouble is the Mayor of Kidderminster for over exuberance at a party and climbing a lamp post – he was only being lauded a month ago as the youngest mayor of the town and had a street parade on 12th June to celebrate. Unfortunately one of his ‘friends’ decided to put images of the night out on Facebook and he is now being called to resign.

Put these together with homes that are trashed by inappropriately posted parties, you begin to realise why the government have decided to spend £9 million on an internet safety plan for children – perhaps they could do the same for adults.


One Response to Coming back to haunt you

  1. Paula says:

    On a slightly different subject, but still related to Facebook…I have to say that I don’t use the site very often and so when I do log back in, I am always amazed to see how many people have left mail chains for me. Often these chains allude to the fact that if I don’t send it on to the whole of the world, and back to the person that sent it – that some awful turn of fate is headed my way. Even worse, if I don’t respond to the sender, my lack of response will indicate I don’t value that person as much as they value me. A SOCIAL networking tool? It has the ability to make make feel decidedly anti-social! 🙂

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