How’d you like them Apples? The new Apple iPhone 3G

I'm still waiting for Apple to bring out a computer that looks like thisGood to see Apple has got on-board with 3G with the new iPhone.

Whatever else you might feel like saying about the new iPhone, or however you might criticise its forebear, Apple has really got one thing right this time around: the price. At $199 for the 8G model (assuming that price translates over here at a minimal markup, as Steve Jobs has maintained that it will) I’d buy it. It remains to be seen what network pricing models there are to support this price.

It’s very good to see that Apple has finally put in a *flush* 3.5mm socket. This, essentially, means that people will no longer be restricted to particular brands of headphones, nor will they have to buy those wibbly-wobbly headphone-jack-extender thingies in order to use their fancy-schmancy Sennheisers.

Also, the fact that you can now integrate extra apps into the iPhone is a big plus.

I have to be honest; when the first iPhone came out I, personally, had criticisms: I felt the original, when it first came out, was expensive and didn’t offer enough functionality. However with the new model coming more-or-less in line with some of the other really good smartphones on the market, I can finally see Apple totally conquering the mobile phone market.

It’s interesting to note how much GPS has been underplayed; presumably because everybody else has got it. I feel that this, rather than the faster data speeds, is going to be the most interesting aspect for most people.


One Response to How’d you like them Apples? The new Apple iPhone 3G

  1. putsimply says:

    I’d personally quite like an iPhone, but I object to paying for it. I’m the kind of person that the handset companies hate – I’ll gladly wait for 12-18 months for someone else to buy the newest gadgets at the “new to market” prices. Let them be the ones to figure out all the flaws and problems that need fixing, let the hype die down and then I’ll think about getting one for free next time I renew my contract. But even then, I’ll only buy if they become available on a network that I know has decent service and gets a signal in the deepest darkest wilds of Norfolk or the farthest reaches of Manchester. Could be a long wait!

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