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If you ever doubted that EML was up-to-to the-minute on all things biscuity, I would refer you here

‘Biscuits ‘key’ to clinching business deals’
‘About four out of five UK businesses believe the type of biscuit they serve to potential clients could clinch the deal or make it crumble’

Fundamentally correct, though for my money they’ve got their priorities wrong. My listus biscitus / biccy digestif runs as follows:

1) Chocolate hob-nobs
(What else? Once done, you’ll know it can never be any other way.)
2) Garibaldi biscuits
(Risky. As you break the Garibaldis, riccocheting crumbs can embed in the face and eyes. Before you know it it, your clients are running around the meeting room screaming. Disaster. Crumb-strewn boardroom tables are also bad Feng Shui. I think it’s worth it.)
3) Fortune cookies
(Rigged to say ‘You will strike a profitable deal today’.)
4) Ginger nuts

However I am saddened that, with all our taxpayer money lining its pockets, the BBC makes no accommodation for cake. Yet another example of biased reporting on public money.

Write to your MP.


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