What does a first week at EML involve (apart from pie)?

It seemed timely to start the first of the “who are those other people at EML?” blogs by introducing the newest member of the team at EML – Stacey Jones.

Last Monday I headed down to the London office because I’d been told that a new person was starting, so I thought I’d welcome them to the team (it wasn’t just for the office’s Monday baking competition and offer of free lunch, honest). At about 9.30 I started to wonder if I had somehow got the day wrong. “Where’s this new person then?” I inquired. ” She got lost in Kingston’s shopping centre on her way in” came the reply. “She’ll fit right in,” I thought….

Once she’d found us, Stacey was embarrassed to admit that she had got lost coming out of the train station. It had already been a quite traumatic morning as she set out to do battle with London’s commuters for the first time. However, in her defence, Stacey offers: “At least I beat Caitlin in, she’s been at EML for a while and knows where the office is!”

flippin\' heck!Stacey seems to have settled into EML life quickly. “I was a bit nervous about the Monday company meeting, but then I noticed it was quite informal. There I was in my smart clothes and shoes while people were wandering around in jeans and barefoot [this blogger denies all knowledge]. After 10 minutes I changed into my flip flops and felt quite at home.”

It’s been a very “hands on” initiation for Stacey. “All the work I’ve been involved in so far has been really interesting. I didn’t realise how much is involved in PR – how complex it is and all the specialist software and tools there are. I’ve got lots to learn, but everyone has been really helpful and caring. I’ve been added to the client email groups, which is great as I’ve been able to see what’s going on with each of the clients I’ll be working on and get up to speed as quickly as possibly.”

With a background in languages, Stacey has had plenty of writing experience. “I love exploring the way language is used, and I have already been impressed by how creative everyone at EML is, even with just internal emails.”

The main thing Stacey seems to have picked up on is that in addition to being a hardworking bunch of creative people, EMLers also like their food. At the end of her first week, Stacey noted: “We went to The Boaters for pub lunch again today. I’m realising that there is an “any excuse policy” to go out for food at lunch times.”

She was back at the desk this Monday, so we can’t have scared her too badly! If she can survive the three meals a day she’s likely to encounter, Stacey is set to be an asset to her new clients and teams. We also hear that, as a proper northerner, she likes pie…..

Next week we’ll be talking to one of EML’s Account Directors, Anu Ramani, who has been helping to make EML more gorgeous. In the mean time, do you remember your first day in a new job? How does it compare to Stacey’s?


4 Responses to What does a first week at EML involve (apart from pie)?

  1. Juliet says:

    Talking about first day encounters, the worst I ever had was my first night at boarding school at the age of just eight. There I was an only child in a dormitary full of girls I knew nothing about when a second yearer burst in and asked “do you all know the facts of life?” – and proceeded to tell us all in graphic detail! (She will remain nameless as she went on to be a star of the West End.) Traumatic eh?

  2. Paula says:

    Good to see another Northerner joining the ranks! It is only a matter of time before we take over….mwah ha ha ha 🙂

  3. Jenna says:

    aah the Boaters… you only miss it when it’s gone… : )

  4. Insularly says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Insularly!

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