Always the first to go

I never thought I would see the day when PR and Pensions were lumped together as the baddies, and dumping them listed as a good way to save money.

Apparently the Tax Payers Alliance believes that these are the two evils that local councils should shed to save the taxpayer money. Matthew Elliot of the Alliance states that, “On average, councils now spend £1m on publicity, paying through the nose to put glossy leaflets that hardly anyone reads through front doors across the land.”  Just shows how much he knows about PR – that is marketing and many leaflets that are put out are a requirement by the government to inform council tax payers of options available to them.

Why is it when things are tough the first item on the agenda to be cut is PR? I think this is very short sighted as surely when things get difficult you need all the PR you can get. A good campaign that addresses issues can be worth its weight in gold in times of trouble.


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