World Book Day

Following on Chris’s blog last week when we all missed Energy Saving Day, I would just like to pose a question – how many of you (without children at junior school) are aware that today is World Book Day?

This is the day when every paper, every news based website and broadcast show should be talking about the glory of reading a book – full of case studies on those adults who have at last learnt to read; children writing their own stories; J.K. Rowling telling us how reading changed her life.

So tell me, what have you seen about it today?  Where is the Google image reading a book? They managed Alexander Graham Bell earlier this week and I couldn’t even tell if it was his birthday, death or the advent of the phone we were celebrating.

Is this once again a case of bad PR? Or, is it ‘Day’ fatigue and an attitude permeating the press of “been there, done that, what new can I write about it.”  (Mind you, it doesn’t stop them churning out the same old stuff all the time about ‘celebrities’, football and fashion.)

Perhaps the time has come for the PRs to think up something other than a ‘Day’ or a ‘Week’ because there are so many of those around now that they just get passed over as another gimmick and good ideas get lost.


2 Responses to World Book Day

  1. Stacey says:

    Ah yes… talking of days – it’s Father’s day on Sunday for anyone who hasn’t noticed all of the ads around town centres. Surely it should be called Hallmark’s Day?

  2. Stacey says:

    Talking of days – It’s Father’s day on Sunday to remind anyone who hasn’t noticed the
    ads around town. Surely it should be called Hallmark’s Day?

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