Didn’t they do well

Talk about rubbish PR. If you’re anything like me, then up until now you were completely oblivious to the fact that it was Energy Saving Day this week.

Apparently as of 6:00pm on 27th February we were all supposed to be incredibly power conscious for 24 hours, doing things like turning electrical appliances off at the mains rather than leaving them on standby.

StatsEmbarrassingly for the organisers they failed to let anyone know and according to official statistics from the National Grid power consumption actually went up by 0.1%. Oh dear.

Rather than acknowledge the failure to promote the campaign adequately, in true ‘pass the buck’ style they’ve tried to palm it off on a drop in temperature between Wed 27 Feb and Thurs 28 Feb which meant we all turned the heating up.

What load of tripe. Surely if anyone was actually committed to Energy Saving Day they could have managed with a jumper and few extra blankets to see them through – it’s hardly the Arctic.

Lesson for next time – do a better PR job


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